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Last Updated: 10/29/2018 7:43 pm
  • Photography courtesy of Megan Burns, A.W. Hastings & Co.
We all know the feeling. You’re an hour into your drive back to the city after a relaxing weekend upstate when that doubt starts to seep in. “I think I locked the sliding door to the deck. Yes, I am sure I did,” you try to convince yourself. Minutes later, the doubt settles in and you're turning around and heading back to make sure your house is secure, adding hours to your trip and removing that refreshed, carefree feeling you were so enjoying.

Simple and Genius

With everything from lighting, entertainment systems, temperature, and refrigeration controlled by home automation systems these days, why not windows and doors? That day is finally here. Marvin Windows and Doors has released a long-anticipated solution with their Lock Status Sensor technology, making them the only manufacturer who offers fully integrated, factory-prepped hardware that connects seamlessly to smart home ecosystems, with no visible components to detract from beautiful windows and doors.
  • Photography courtesy of Megan Burns, A.W. Hastings & Co.
Even if you aren't a tech geek, there are still a lot of reasons why the Lock Sensor System is a cool and relaxing addition to your home:

1. No more fretting over whether or not you locked up before leaving (or wasting time going back to check). The Lock Status Sensor indicates whether your windows or doors are unlocked or closed and locked.

2. This system integrates seamlessly into your new or existing security system via wired or wireless connection, so you can lock up remotely.

3. Experience all the beauty, light and benefits of your windows plus the relief of knowing your home is safe, with the concealed design of the Lock Status Sensor.

4. Marvin’s provider-agnostic engineering means these windows and doors are compatible with a variety of leading third-party home automation systems and service providers.

5. The forward-thinking design means you can upgrade your home automation system as technology changes without having to change your windows and doors.

Plug & Play

When Marvin designed the Lock Status Sensor, they weren’t just thinking about homeowners, they were thinking of the contractors too. So they made the installation process as easy and intuitive as the solution itself. You don’t have to worry about drilling into a new window, voiding the warranty and having to cover the cost of replacement. All the prep work has been done. And, unlike with other manufacturers, there are no unsightly plastic covers or visible components to interfere with the beautiful aesthetics or performance of Marvin windows and doors.

You don’t need to have special knowledge or experience with these systems to install a window or door equipped with the Lock Status Sensor. It truly is a “Plug and Play” solution.
  • Photography courtesy of Megan Burns, A.W. Hastings & Co.

You’ll Never Sacrifice Style for Security Again

Whether you envision the look of Ultimate Double Hung windows for your historic Cape Cod cottage or modern farmhouse, or choose casement or awning-style windows for your more contemporary home, you’ll never sacrifice your vision to ensure peace of mind. You can even order the Lock Status Sensor on stunning options like Ultimate Arch Top Swinging French Doors or the Ultimate Multi-Slide or Bi-Fold Doors.

You can see all of these styles at Williams Lumber and Homes Centers show room. And when you’re ready to talk window specifications and pricing, make an appointment with a millwork specialist who can help you select the right windows and doors to create a look you love with seamless smart home automation.
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