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You Boba Believe It! 8 Spots to Get Your Bubble Tea Fix in the Hudson Valley



Looking to embrace a cool textured tea that's satisfying to slurp summer through winter? Maybe try picking up a bubble tea. 

For those who don’t know, bubble tea (or boba tea) is an iced tea drink from Taiwan that gets its name from the boba— the traditional chewy tapioca balls or flavored pops—mixed in at the bottom of the cup.

If you’re looking for a place to discover what the hype is about, or to find a new array of flavors, check out any of these cool spots serving bubble tea in the Hudson Valley:

Tea Talk, Poughkeepsie

One of the most well-known bubble tea places in Dutchess County, Tea Talk doesn’t mess around when it comes to their tea. With 36 tea and 17 boba flavors—and the choice between green, black, and premium tea—visit this spot to expand your tea tastes.

The specific attraction here is the unique menu of special bubble teas: nine Pokemon, four Sailor Moon, seven Anime, and six Disney princess drink creations. Newcomers should definitely get the Bulbasaur flavor from the special menu.

Crazy Bowlz, Kingston

Crazy Bowlz isn’t a cafe, but it’s Asian-Mexican fusion cuisine gives them the perfect excuse to offer bubble tea. Don’t let the small menu fool you, the bubble tea here is up to par with tea shops who only focus on their tea creations.

Choose here from 14 tea and 6 boba flavors, with the option to turn any drink into a slushie. Give the combo of strawberry juice tea and mango boba a try for your first time.

Bubble Tea-ology, Monroe

Bubble Tea-ology is a wonderland for any tea lover, but especially for those looking for a bubble tea fix. Offering 11 tropical milk teas, seven floral milk teas, 14 fruit smoothies with boba, and 11 boba fruit teas on their menu, they make the most of this popular item. The passion fruit milk tea with traditional boba is a fave option to try out here.

Asia City, Poughkeepsie

Asia City is full of yummy treats, like smoothies and milkshakes, to spoil yourself with, but the bubble tea here is what you should be paying attention to. Asia City offers 26 flavors of tea with the choice of traditional boba or fruit jellies, which paves the way for a lot of drink creations for you to create. For your first time around get the vanilla milk tea with fruit jelly.

The Den, Kingston

A teddy bear museum is probably the last place you would expect a cafe to be, let alone one that offers bubble tea. Don’t let the confusion stop you, thought, because The Den has over 40 flavors of milk and fruit teas with traditional boba for you to pick from. You also have the ability to add boba to lemonade too, which is something to try if you’re in search of a new go-to drink with a sweet twist. 

Short and Stout Tea Lounge and Bubble Tea Bar, Albany

Short and Stout Tea Lounge and Bubble Tea Bar takes an interesting approach to their bubble tea. Aside from offering the usual milk and fruit bubble tea, you can add boba to any of the tea bar options. For a new creation, add strawberry boba to the Thai iced tea. (You're welcome.) 

Kung Fu Tea, West Nyack & Middletown

Probably one of the biggest bubble tea chain in the word, Kung Fu Tea is a master of their craft. Choices here consist of not just 10 traditional milk teas, but also 12 punches, 3 yogurt mixes, and 12 slushies that can include traditional and flavored bobas. The winter melon milk green tea will never disappoint!

Twisted Soul, Poughkeepsie

Bubble tea is no exception to the never-ending options of Twisted Soul’s menu—which also features dishes such as noodle bowls and empanadas. Choices of bubble tea are 23 flavors with traditional boba and the option of soy or almond milk. The bubble milk chai jasmine green tea might become your new obsession.

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