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Everyone is busy. If we’re not working, we are taking care of the kids, the house, the car, our furry family members, and maybe even caring for aging parents. Time for self-care is scarce, but Ben Fleisher, the owner of Woodstock Healing Arts, says it’s vital that everyone take time to care for themselves.

“Everyone deserves to feel good in their bodies, their minds and their hearts,” Fleisher says, whose Woodstock-based business offers a variety of health and wellness services, including massage therapy and bodywork, acupuncture, and holistic skincare. “Allowing yourself to experience your own wellness is easy and our services make it easier to access this. We keep people out of pain and support their resilience to stress.”

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While Woodstock weekenders are there for some much-needed rest and relaxation, Fleisher says that Hudson Valley community members—including teachers, utility workers, and veterans— are also able to benefit from improving their own health and shifting the energy in their bodies.

According to Fleisher, Woodstock Healing Arts' approach allows all things simultaneously to be seen as structure or energy. “We work at the intersection of the two, in vibration,” says Fleisher, who hand-picked therapists based on his 20 years in the healing arts and training/experience with Acupuncture, Zero Balancing, Massage Therapy, and Functional Medicine.

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“Whether that's through working with the vibrations held in the bones (Zero Balancing), amplifying vibrations with tuning forks, singing bowls, or gongs (in Sound Healing or Signature Massages), or balancing the vibrational rhythm of the craniosacral fluid (in CranioSacral Therapy), we strongly believe that shifting how the energy is held in the body makes change easier on every level," says Fleisher. 

Fleisher also notes that It’s just as important to give some love to your body's outside as it is to focus on the insides. “Holistic skincare takes everything into account from stress to diet to lifestyle to help amplify the beauty from within, while using techniques such as Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture, Facial Gua Sha, and Thai Herbal Poultices to bring about lasting change."

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Make sure the next time you plan a playdate for the kids, an hour to clean the house or something for someone else, you add a little time on the calendar for yourself. With so many services to choose from, Woodstock Healing Arts has something for everyone.

For more information on their various services or to make an appointment, visit Woodstock Healing Arts' website.
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