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“Wings”: A Poem


“a book,” she heard him say.
she began sketching the pages in her head.

:this is her walking away with a mouth/full of love
:this is him in a small house she made of bits of stuff she found around
:this is her upside down on the trapeze he hung in the apartment on east 6th street that they never lived in
:this is him when he was a boy
:these are her children that crack her heart with their beauty and devour her with their love
:these are the wings he gives her
:this is the day she realized she shouldn’t keep them (they are too obvious stuffed under her shirt like that)
:these are his hands she remembers can push through her as if she is made of water
:this is her holding a giant rock in a crowded room unable to find a place to set it down
:here is the camp she’s set up for him in a remote area of her heart
“there’s no real plot to it yet,” she hopes out loud and hikes up her shirt to give those wings a stretch before she fixes dinner.

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