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Welcome to the Next World (The One You’re Making)



Have you noticed how dense it is on this planet? The weighty, energetic quality comes in several forms: the unwieldy nature of physical reality; the often foggy, sleepy quality of human consciousness; our obsession with the past; our burning need to conform to what others think we should do; and the peculiar way something done twice turns into a habit and anything said twice turns into the truth.

With all things Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces coming under the microscope in 2009 and well beyond, we are going to see change of a kind that Barack Obama’s campaign writers could not even imagine. Science does not, as yet, acknowledge the realities that the astrological signs represent: the energy patterns in the background of existence that provide the rough blueprints for the world we live in. These patterns can change, but they don’t change easily. Usually, the agents of change are represented by planets. For the foreseeable future, the planets involved are Chiron, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto: the very gods of change themselves.

Let’s organize the discussion by sign, taking Capricorn first. Families often try to push us into making the same mistakes they did; or we feel a massive guilt trip come on if we don’t do what we think they expect us to do. Let’s give this a name: ancestral guilt. A famous astrologer once accused me of overblowing the importance of guilt as a spiritual issue because I’m Italian. Then for the next decade I observed my friends and clients and noticed that it’s not just us goombas (and our Jewish cousins) who have a guilt issue; it is the entire Western world. (I’ve never been to Asia, but I bet you a quart of fried rice that it exists there, too.) The slightest proposed digression, the least notion of doing things one’s own way, the meekest desire to challenge authority or experience an unauthorized pleasure, often are met with the sting of guilt.

Enter Pluto into Capricorn, long awaited, long revered, and the previous birthplace of the Declaration of Independence. Pluto sometimes manifests as Shiva and sometimes as Dionysus. Either archetype will work in this case, if we are looking for something more powerful than the obsessive power of self-accusation. This is the archetype of the persistent thought patterns of the past getting ripped to shreds or, for the bolder and more adventurous, celebrated out of existence with the awareness that we are alive now, and the people whose bones we walk around on have nothing to say about it.

This transit is coming with considerable fear, from astrologers and from prognosticators of all kinds. We have many predictions of the rise of fascism under this transit. Down the block from me, two guys are writing a book called The Greatest Depression, predicting that it’s all gonna come crashing down, causing enormous misery and mayhem and then maybe eventually we will have a renaissance. We will, unless we return to being hunter-gatherers. Notice the sense of punishment encrypted in this thinking, and very little sense of creativity and adventure. The “news,” for its part, is pumping out so much economic pessimism that people are afraid to go out for lunch. We track (or are subjected to) the rise and fall of the stock market as if our lives depended on it, and this is utterly ridiculous. In the horoscopes that follow, and the longer version of “Next World Stories” available on my website, I do my best to offer tools for how to take this transit into your own hands and make something out of it.

Next is the conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune in Aquarius. Neptune in Aquarius, which we’ve lived with for a decade, is about the public going into the kind of haze as if there were Prozac in the water (there is) or as if we were all connected to the Internet Matrix in red pill fashion. We live in another reality; we have friends we don’t know, who we recognize by their avatar; we take the BlackBerry or the iPhone to bed (it makes a good alarm clock and toasts our dreams with microwaves, meanwhile).

Chiron, a planet that is about raising awareness and going through a conscious healing process, has been slowly gaining on Neptune the past four years. This has served to wake us up, gradually; awake enough (at least) not to elect Sarah Palin president-to-be. And I would add, awake enough during these past four years to convert a lot of people who would normally be media consumers into Internet contributors (bloggers, YouTube filmmakers, and so on)—which is exactly, precisely what we need: active participation, the assertion of individuality, and the authentic search for community and common ground.

The two planets are very close to a long-anticipated (by me, anyway) conjunction. It only makes a very close near-miss this year (in late May, accurate to one degree) but the process is accelerated and magnified by Jupiter in Aquarius aligning with both Chiron and Neptune. What have we here? A magnificent opportunity to be yourself and find your true peers, which I suggest you get out of digital form and into physical form. Yes, do that very dangerous thing and use the Internet to meet people in real life. Try not to have them be only in Timbuktu. Try for within one-hour travel time, or even walking distance. Let’s turn the world to Burning Man and manifest the Internet on the ground, in physical form. Read your blogs at the local coffee house open mike.

Last but not least, we have the continuing opposition of Saturn and Uranus, across the Virgo-Pisces axis. Uranus in Pisces is about sparking up the imagination and our sense of what is possible on the material plane. This has been going on for a while, but the opposition from Saturn in Virgo gives us something to push back against, like a swimmer propelling herself off the pool wall in a race. Yes, it represents a solid object, a kind of obstacle, but it’s also something to work with: actual material with which to construct those Uranus-in-Pisces visions of what you could be and, consequently, what the world could be. The next world: the world we can and must create, lest we become subject to something else.

This is the short version of these transits. Read more at www.planetwaves.net/next.

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