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You may be wondering why relationships have to be so challenging. You may even be wondering if they need to be that way. I think that mostly this involves the various rules and definitions we put around connecting with others, which include various regulations around sex. There's also a kind of seeming "unconsciousness" hanging like a fog over the whole region of life where people connect emotionally and sexually. It is this slumber from which humanity needs to awaken. Mixed in with the fog are all kinds of moralism, judgment, expectations, and unresolved baggage from the past, and from past generations. By this measure, waking up is not especially appealing, as these are the things to which one usually awakens. On a good day there is also love, passion, and desire, and though these would rightfully be the incentive to connect, they're not exactly in style right now. They involve something real and tactile, and where there is the risk of not being in control all the time. And if there is one thing our society is addicted to at this moment, it's control. Where does this leave you? I would say it leaves you free to evaluate what you want, which I think is going to take some honesty and a risk. You might also evaluate what you are wholly willing to offer—which will definitely take some honesty and a risk.

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