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For June 2011


Last Updated: 02/19/2019 7:25 pm
A few times the past year, your astrology has hinted at the theme of ancestral material. This is a concept so elusive that few people even have any reference to understand it. We’re sometimes aware of the influence our parents had on us, but rarely do we consider what is passed down, say, through 10 or 100 generations. I suggest you mull over this possibility, remembering that while DNA is shuffled, there are threads that lead directly to events, people and circumstances of the past. Some of them are passed to the present moment with startling precision, usually as thought forms—and one of them may be lurking around you right now. It won’t be that hard to find: It’s the thing about which you feel the most stuck, the thing you keep tripping over. While it’s a good idea to check both your mother’s and your father’s lineage here, and to look at relationship patterns of your ancestors, I suggest you bark up your mom’s side of the family tree. It’s the thing she didn’t talk about that is likely to be the thing that’s hanging you up. Because she didn’t talk about it, it had a quality of not existing, but it did, and though unspoken, the thought form was conveyed to you. A few words come to mind to describe it: covetous, possessive, narrow, proud and stuck. That might translate to a child as, “Am I wrong for existing?” Perhaps not that exactly, but something like it.

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