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For March 2012


Last Updated: 02/28/2019 7:57 pm
You seem to be on a quest for something: the source of something within yourself. That same thing seems obvious about them when you look to others, though the inner blind spot you have is mysterious. What is the source of your energy, the source of love, the origin of creativity? It would help if you would trust instead of question. Yet that defies the very logic that you seek. You might ask: What is the source of logic, and of rationality? There’s a bold image in your charts about wanting to burst free, let go, and run with life. You even seem to have the opportunities available. You don’t have to choose on the basis of “who you really are.” Experimenting is not a commitment to anything special, and I’m suggesting that your quest for self-knowledge might really be a challenge to meet the world on equal terms and plunge into experiences that will teach you about yourself. This is another way of saying you don’t need a theory; you’ll be a lot happier with direct impressions, and encounters with people that will challenge you in ways you’ve never experienced. I’m not, by the way, suggesting that you search for yourself outside yourself, but rather that you immerse yourself in a waiting and eager world and see what that does to your sense of who you are. Notice what it teaches you about what you want. Experience the challenge to trust in a way that is immediate and not theoretical.

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