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For April 2011


Last Updated: 01/16/2019 6:17 pm
Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Agreements and contracts are the obvious theme of your life right now, but the deeper question involves how you morph yourself to adapt to each of them. In other words, you tend to “become a different person” depending on the commitment you’ve made or the expectation of the relationship. It’s as if you customize yourself for the situation. But that’s really one of the things that wears on your energy the most, and makes your relationships the most challenging. One thing I suggest you confront is your fear of upsetting the apple cart of a relationship or agreement by being who you are. This is a psychological level that’s rooted in a deeper emotional level. You can also go through your current agreements and see if they contain any commitments to others that you won’t be yourself. It may take some courage but you can inform people that it’s well and good that you made that commitment, but it contains an unsustainable compromise that you’ll need to adjust for everyone’s wellbeing. And as you make new commitments and agreements, assess them all on the basis of whether you are able to fulfill them in integrity. This is another way of saying don’t make any promises you don’t think you can keep, or that would cause you to make unhealthy adjustments in your patterns of existence. What is good for you is good for everyone—in that order.

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