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For March 2011


Last Updated: 02/06/2019 11:20 am
Virgo (August 23-September 22)
You are beginning a new adventure in your relationships. I’m going to guess you are taking that as good news. Let me explain why it’s such good news. You have long been howling to the universe for an organizing principle in your human encounters. I have this button stuck to my sun visor that says, “Being Weird Is Not Enough,” which I am sure you could apply to many of the people you’ve met the past few years. Some of them weren’t just weird, but many gave you the feeling that there was just going to be no dependable point of contact, which in turn pushed you into some reactionary states. Many factors that seemed like permanent institutions the past several years have changed. You seem determined to maintain an identity that exists apart from your relationships—this is a huge relief. And what was an erratic energy is being replaced by a sense of focus, purpose, and attention to the underlying emotional material of human contact. I suggest, though, that you be highly discerning whom you connect to and how. I don’t mean resistant or defensive; I mean perceptive. Associate with people who speak your language. Listen for the purposes that motivate their choices. Pay particular attention to people who are different and good at it: mavericks as opposed to rebels. Most of all, welcome the people who honor the fact that you are an individual and respect you for devoting your life to being so.

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