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For February 2011


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VIRGO (August 23-September 22)

Recently astronomers pulled a hoax claiming that the 12 zodiac signs have the wrong dates, and that there is a "13th sign." I responded with a satire claiming that astronomers had discovered a "thirteenth animal" in the Chinese zodiac—the Mouse—and I compared it to the sign Virgo. I love Mouse because he's organized and he thinks for the future. He has enough of what he needs. Though we make references to inventions compared to mousetraps, Mouse himself is an inventor. My shamanic teacher, the late Arthur Joseph Kushner, credited Mouse with inventing agriculture—the silo (what we call a hoard). You are in the midst of a powerful surge of energy through your 6th house of your solar chart—the house of applied knowledge. You have abundant information on your hands. You have excellent theories. Now, put these things to use. You also have boundless energy available to do what that might require, and the wits to do it in a fun, inventive way. Remember, as one of my Virgo healer colleagues reminded me at an opportune moment: Work smart rather than work hard. I would add that you need to take care of your health on the level of your nervous system. Meditate, take baths, and get outside no matter how chilly it may be. Exercise will be twice as good for your mind as it is for your body. Relax and you will be brilliant.

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