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Virgo for June 2016

Virgo (August 23-September 23)



For most of the summer, Jupiter remains in your sign. This is fairly rare, manifesting every 12 years. Jupiter is a planet of opportunity; and in Virgo, for you, it's the opportunity to expand your inner horizons. It's when you stretch your inner capability for experience, for feeling, and for the movement of energy through you. There is no doubt that Jupiter in your sign is the invitation to improve your life in many ways, and you're likely to be experiencing many of them without even knowing it. Yet the most vital of these is consciously exploring your capacity for new experience. You are too young to be set in your ways. I suggest you not take any comfort in doing something, or limiting yourself, because that's 'just the way you are'. One thing Jupiter represents for you is the integration of outer experience, including people, into your life. It's about accepting not just the ideas of your environment but also embracing its actual influences on you. As you encounter new experiences (again, including people), it helps to expand into the potential that they reflect. I recognize there are a few possible issues here, one of which is what seems like a culture-wide reluctance to change; the other is a crisis of trust. To put it mildly, actual growth requires both change and trust.

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