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Virgo for February 2016

Virgo (August 23-September 22)



Seen one way, it would seem like the challenge you face in a relationship is not being swallowed by another person. You might be worried you're trying to 'be like' them. Yet I would propose that the challenge is taking advantage of a good example when you have one. Now, there may be many examples around you at the moment, and some are better than others. Yet there is one that stands out, someone with some wisdom, experience and independence, who may be more smitten with you than you think. Indeed, the more intelligent the potential suitor (or suitee), the more likely their feelings are to be deep and authentic. If this is not a romantic situation, it could also be a close friendship or partnership based on learning. You are especially open to new ideas now; but closer to the astrology, you are open to being reminded what you already know. One thing you may know is not to be hung up on the seeming outcome of any human encounter. You have no need to plan, speculate or control. No need to make a head-trip out of anything you feel, wondering what it might mean. Just cup your hands into the waterfall of life and drink up. Humanity is in the midst of a long, chilly winter of discontent. Some hydration will do you good.


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