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Virgo for February 2015


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You may need to consciously focus yourself on staying on-task with work, and in harmony with your intimate relationships. You may not be sure which is a distraction from the other. In truth, neither is a distraction and both seemingly different facets of your life are offering you something unusual right now. On one level this seems like a question of balance. It's as if you have these tasks requiring this kind of focus and setting, and those other things you do, requiring a different kind of focus and setting. Seen as different, they will tend to compete for, if nothing else, your time and energy. But that competition involves a deeper conflict than may seem obvious on the surface. The solution is to guide yourself to the common ground of all your experiences, which is you. You are not two different people, the "relationship person" and the "work person." You are one entity, and the common ground of all your experiences is the ground of your being. If facets of your life seem to take energy from one another, reach for that terrain your life is built on. Once you get there, you will feel like you're standing on a solid hilltop, where previously you may have been trying to balance on an idea. From there, you may notice you feel far less pull and tension.


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