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Venus in Aquarius: Use Your Emotional Intelligence


Last Updated: 03/06/2014 9:10 am
Daniel Sternstein, Eric's music teacher and collaborator, will be appearing Saturday night at BSP. - ERIC FRANCIS
  • Eric Francis
  • Daniel Sternstein, Eric's music teacher and collaborator, will be appearing Saturday night at BSP.

First a quick reminder that you are invited to attend Journey Through Space, the 50th birthday event for Eric Francis this weekend. The show is at BSP in Kingston on Saturday, March 8; doors open at 7 pm and the show features several special musical guests, including Eric himself. I know he’d love to see you there!

As for this week’s astrology: Venus ingressed Aquarius yesterday at 4:03 pm EST, leaving Capricorn for the first time since it entered on November 5. Four months is long enough to get used to a more business-like Venus in your life (you may have noticed feeling more reserved in expressing your feelings, or more ambitious or focused on past established relationship patterns). Yet it’s also long enough to start itching for a new vibe.

Aquarius offers a breath of fresh air on one level (Aquarius is an air sign, despite the watery name), although since Aquarius and Capricorn share Saturn as a ruler, you might notice that Venus in this sign may still feel detached or chilly. But Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus in these modern times, so there’s some spark here, too.

The inventiveness of Uranus may contribute to Venus in Aquarius also being described as “the Space Alien”; “the Woman of the Future”; and “the Avatar—the Woman of Mastery.” (That is, “avatar” in its definition as “a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher,” not in its definition as an icon representing a computer user—though that manifestation bears some exploration.)

The spark of Venus in Aquarius emerges as more of an intellectual spark than the heart-centered warmth or passion Venus exhibits in some signs. If you’re born with Venus in Aquarius, it might feel like bringing your emotional being into your intellect—a kind of emotional intelligence.

Or as Eric put it, “Depending on the aspects, this can require a search in the chart for how, exactly, this person makes emotional contact, but you can count on it being through their mind. It is one embodiment of 'the brain is the most important sex organ.'”

Speaking of sex and emotional intelligence, Venus moving into Aquarius puts it into a square with retrograde Ceres in Scorpio, and it’s also sextile Juno in Aries. A sextile is an aspect about flow, but you have to get the ball rolling yourself; squares are internal tension urging you to act.

Venus-Juno looks rather like establishing a loving, erotic relationship with yourself first (‘marrying’ yourself) while Venus traverses this sign. Venus in Aquarius tends to favor ‘friendships’ more than ‘lover’ partnerships, but that doesn’t mean your current romantic relationship can’t go well. You simply might find better understanding of your inner journey among like-minded ‘tribe members’ for a few weeks.

You’ll still want to communicate your needs and desires as compassionately as possible to whomever you may be involved with (there’s that emotional intelligence kicking in). Venus-Ceres is pushing you to identify what kinds of sex or erotic energy would truly feed you at this time. You might have to go deep and cut away the distractions of others’ agendas. But once you figure it out, anyone you’re involved with come April 5, when Venus moves into Pisces, will likely be glad you did. More importantly, so will you.

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