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New Urgent Care Centers for Mental Health Offer Help & Support



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The community outreach center is just a first step for Samadhi. Future plans include a residential in-patient recovery center, where people can stay for three to nine months, as well as a detox center. Plans are also in the works for a Recovery Cafe—a coffee shop open to the public where people in recovery can find employment in a supportive environment (several such cafes have opened across the country).

Perhaps one day soon, walk-in centers for mental health and addiction will be neighborhood fixtures in more communities. It certainly seems to be part of the current zeitgeist. "I think the model of the behavioral-health clinic where you make an appointment and show up a week or two later to see a professional—I don't know if that necessarily matches the way our society works anymore," says Bennett from Access. "We like things to be a lot more spontaneous and personalized."

"If we greet people with hope and possibility, then that can change their experience and keep doors open for what they can achieve in their lives," he adds. "And that's really what we're going for here. Keeping hope and possibility alive."

The Access: Supports for Living urgent care centers are located at the Middletown Community Counseling Center and the Kaplan Family Counseling Center in Newburgh, and are open seven days a week, 11am–7pm on weekdays and 9am–5pm on weekends.

Samadhi Recovery Community Outreach Center is located at 122 Clinton Avenue in Kingston, and is open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, 11am–9pm.

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