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Upstate Senior Residences

Local Assisted Living Facilities for Graceful Aging

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Threefold Community

Tucked deep among 140 wooded acres, the Threefold Education Center fosters spiritual values through arts, agriculture, education, and community life. The mission of its educational foundation is to use natural, practical means to support physical and mental health. Threefold's beautiful environment is a testament to the community's physical and spiritual nourishment.

260 Hungry Hollow Road; Chestnut Ridge; (845) 352-5020.

Echo Cottages

Echo Cottages provides elderly independence with personal family care by installing a comfortable cottage right on your own property. Along with the warm familiarity of their own furniture, elderly parents have a fully equipped cottage with the amenities they need to maintain their independence, such as a washing and drying machine. Your elderly parents can enjoy the privacy and comfort of their own cottage, while being "close, but not too close."

(877) WHY-ECHO.

Overhead floorplan of an Echo Cottage.
  • Overhead floorplan of an Echo Cottage.

The Gardens at Rhinebeck

Nestled in between meadows and ponds, The Gardens at Rhinebeck offers stylish ranch and townhouse style condominiums just outside the historic village. While The Gardens is not an official senior living facility, aging couples settle here for a smaller, more manageable living space. These accessible condominiums often feature single–floor living options and provide peaceful country living close to the food, shops, and events of the village.

2 Sunflower Place, Rhinebeck; (845) 516-4261.

Green Meadows

Green Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides everything from short-term rehabilitation to long-term nursing care. Located among beautiful Catskill landscape, Green Meadows prides itself on its immediate access to local hospitals and specialists in nearly every area of medicine. There are also a range of specialty programs to assist patients with complex primary or secondary condition, like dementia and Alzheimers.  

161 Jefferson Heights; Catskill; (518) 943-9380.

Pine Haven

Pine Haven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides a resident-centered approach to care that is tailored for the needs of the individual. They offer various short-term rehabilitation programs and long-term nursing care, as well as immediate access to local hospitals and specialists in practically every area of medicine. Pine Haven works to prevent rehospitalization and, in doing so, cultivates an active and healthy lifestyle for its patients.    

201 Main Street, Philmont; (518) 672-7408.


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