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Unveiling the Soul Inside the Form


Last Updated: 08/13/2013 3:31 pm

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We tend to live “spirituality” as a passive act—often refusing to make our spiritual values into social or political values; perhaps more often, but not often enough, making them into creative values. In other words, we tend very strongly not to put intelligence into action. If we heard more from this generation, we would have less of the impression of living in apathetic or conservative times, and more of the sense of living in times when there was actual discussion and controversy about issues that matter to all of us, most particularly the Earth herself.

Saturn in Virgo is going to push the issue of the role of intelligence in our lives. This happens immediately, but there are peaks. Through mid-to-late 2008, Saturn will make its first pass over the Uranus-Pluto conjunction point in mid-Virgo. The Saturn retrograde from December 31, 2008, through May 2009 will cross the points a second time, and then the Saturn station direct in May 2009 will cross the conjunction points again.

The Virgo-Pisces astrology of the 1960s, which millions of us walk around with, could be described as the soul within the form of existence. Virgo is the protective matter that covers and gestates the fragile essence of truth; yet the added presence of Saturn in the equation will do its part to bring out the inner reality, if we are willing to get out of our heads, bring things into the world of action, and to cooperate in real life. Saturn in Virgo is saying it is time; time to get real, time to use our minds, time to look at the world we live in, and time to envision the world we want. It is time to use what we know. That would be innovative.

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