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Tim Livingston

General manger of reissue record label Sundazed Music and Last Conspirators vocalist

Getting the most spins on my turntable this year were new albums from old-school punk rockers: UK pop-punk sensations the Boys' Punk Rock Menopause (Wolverine Records), Australian garage rockers the New ChristsIncantations (Impedance Records), and Sonny Vincent and Spite's Spiteful (Ultramafic Records), with his band consisting of Rat Scabies (the Damned) on drums, Glenn Matlock (Sex Pistols, Rich Kids) on bass, and Steve MacKay (the Stooges) on the lost rock 'n' roll secret weapon—the saxophone! As far as local artists go, Albany-based singer-songwriter Bryan Thomas continues to amaze me with his voice and songs. What I'm looking forward to most in 2015 is that band or artist that I don't already know who steps up and blows me away with their power and passion.

Justin Johnson

Co-owner of Darkside Records in Poughkeepsie

There have been quite a few records that have seen a lot of play for me. The new Weezer album, Everything Will Be Alright in the End (Republic Records), has been a constant, as it was finally the return to form they had been promising for so long. The songs got that element of fun back into the mix, but with a dose of maturity. Both of the new Prince albums (surprised, I know), Art Official Age and PlectrumElectrum (both Warner Bros. Records, the latter by his new side project, 3rdeyegirl), mainly because they just get embedded in my head for days on end. The latest Beck album, Morning Phase (Capitol Records), took up a good chunk of the early part of the year. Hard to say what it is about him, but he's turned himself into quite the enigma. And lastly, there is a pretty solid Swedish group that seems to have mastered the Americana sound: First Aid Kit is a band that needs to be heard. There is a local stoner instrumental metal band called Dead Empires that has been getting some heavy play amongst the guys in the store. Great guitar work, solid grooves, and really great production work. New album comes out in February, and it's gonna be killer. It's hard to keep track of all of the new stuff slated to come out. Blind Guardian has a new album for early next year, which is almost a sure thing. Faith No More is something I'll definitely listen to. New Megadeth? Metallica? And is it wrong to want to hear a new Marilyn Manson, just so I can tell my 16-year-old self I was wrong all along?

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