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Toward the Leo New Moon

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Last Updated: 07/24/2014 9:37 am
  • Eric Francis Coppolino

The Sun entered Leo at 5:41pm Tuesday. Leo is the fixed fire sign and in many respects the core of the zodiac.

Jupiter has just arrived in that sign, so the Sun’s ingress is a Sun-Jupiter conjunction. This is all heading toward the Leo New Moon on Saturday, which is at 6:42pm. All in all, we’re getting Leo in many flavors and colors this week.

In fact, the Leo New Moon (which is a Sun-Moon conjunction) is actually a triple conjunction, with Jupiter about a degree and a half away. This emphasizes actions we can take to grow, expand, and improve those things in our lives with Leo’s signature; think self-esteem, confidence, your child-at-heart nature, and generosity.

Note also that Mars left the shadow phase from its long retrograde early Monday morning. It finally leaves Libra (after about seven and a half long months) and enters Scorpio Friday at 10:25pm EDT, where it will be till Sept. 13. This puts Mars in a square aspect to the New Moon and Jupiter.

On the one hand, a Scorpio Mars square the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter in Leo spells lots of passion and physical energy needing active expression (interpret that as you will). However, that square from Mars could also be impulsive, a little pushy, or potentially self-absorbed in its pleasure seeking.

So there’s a message here to lean on the more magnanimous, humanity-oriented side of Leo. If those close to you will also truly benefit from whatever you are pursuing (and even better, if you can find pleasure in service), you’re more likely to use all this New Moon passion in positive ways as you set the tone for your next four weeks.

Another aspect pattern to watch this week is Mercury, which is now opposite Pluto, making it the next initiate to pass through the Uranus-Pluto square. All I will say is this: Uranus-Pluto is certainly illustrative and, perhaps in some abstract way, responsible for the intensity and chaos of our particular times. It is not an easy aspect pattern. It’s having its influence on every single natal chart, and its effects will range from challenging to exciting to difficult to overwhelming.

Yet as Mercury and later Venus pass through the Uranus-Pluto square, I am reminded to tell you one thing. You will miss this aspect when it’s over. You might look back and remember what a strange, beautiful time it was; you might look back and wish with all your heart that you had done more with it, taken creative or political action, or set yourself free in some way that you know you dearly want to. As inner planets pass through the Uranus-Pluto square this week, it becomes more tangible and accessible to ‘normal’ consciousness.

These intense meetings of Uranus and Pluto (seven in total since 2012, with two left) represent a threshold into another era and a quickening of energy. Trust that you are learning skills now that will help you and the people you know as you venture into that new territory early next year.

Someone wrote to me the other day and said they were concerned that they might be missing whatever this aspect represents. If you are similarly concerned, I suggest you devote yourself to learning and observation. By that I mean highly conscious learning, and learning how to pay attention in a certain way that is appropriate for things that only happen once.

I know we are inclined to live as if one day is like another, and as if one era is like another, but it’s nothing of the kind—though it takes some skill as an observer to see that. Yet one of the things we deeply need to do is get beyond the habit of just watching. I suggest you watch for a purpose: how to respond, what you feel called to do, what inspires you, what calls you to action, what summons you to bear witness in a deep way.

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