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The Sun in the Chiron Discovery Degree

Speaking of precision, there was an unusual feature in the April 23 grand cross. Chiron is a small planet orbiting our Sun that was discovered in 1977. My impression after watching the world go by is that Chiron has been the most influential planet in shaping the ethos of modern professional astrology.

At the moment of the alignment, the Sun was in the exact degree where Chiron was discovered. This is one of those connections that's so strange and interesting and vibrating with meaning that I keep looking at it wondering how it's even possible. We could translate this into "Whatever the grand cross is about, it has something to do with the discovery of Chiron."

Chiron is the planet that represents holistic consciousness. One of the first modern holistic healers, D. D. Palmer, discovered "chiropractic" and did the first adjustment in 1895, the year that the first photograph was (unwittingly) taken of Chiron. Called a prediscovery photo, it sat in the files till astronomers dug it out in 1977 to confirm the orbit of the new object; its discoverer, Charles Kowal, named it Chiron after the famous healer of Greek mythology. Most astronomers don't believe in astrology, but those who discover and name planets are often very good at it. Kowal gave Chiron its first keyword, "maverick"—one who stands away from the crowd.

Chiron, the first centaur, was half-man, half-horse, and was abandoned as a child and raised by the god Apollo, who taught him medicine and surgery. Chiron then passed his skills to Asclepius, who became the god of medicine. Chiron is a healer but also a teacher of those on the stature of a god; he was also mentor to a generation of Greek heroes, including Heracles, Jason, and Achilles.

So with Chiron, we get the theme of holistic consciousness, healing, and also the vital theme of mentorship. There are many ways to learn things: books, classes, seminars, and YouTube videos among them. But for serious, grounded, and careful learning, there may be no better way than mentorship.

Chiron itself is prominent in the grand cross chart, part of a grouping of objects in Pisces that includes Neptune, Venus, and two other useful minor planets, Nessus (another centaur) and Borasisi (similar to Pluto but a bit further from the Sun). None of these are asteroids; later in Pisces there is a rather phenomenal grouping of those.

Yet Chiron's discovery degree, 3+ Taurus, can function in many ways like Chiron itself. It is a reminder that relates directly to the moment of discovery, and the era of discovery, when the new planet manifested.

The 1970s were an exciting time, a dawning of the era of hands-on healing, the early acceptance of naturopathic medicine, and awareness of the mind-body connection, and when actual therapy as opposed to meds was something that had respect.

Notably, chiropractors were entering the struggle for their existence, and did battle with the official medical establishment, which was trying to destroy their profession.

In 1976, a year before Chiron's discovery, a chiropractor named Dr. Chester Wilk brought a federal antitrust lawsuit against the American Medical Association (AMA) and numerous other allopathic medical organizations. The federal court ruled that doctors had waged a "lengthy, systematic, successful and unlawful boycott" designed to restrict cooperation between chiropractors and MDs, all in an effort to eliminate the chiropractic profession as a competitor in the United States health-care system.

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