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Titus Andronicus Show at BSP Kingston | 3/7

Punk Rockers Kick off Tour in Kingston


Last Updated: 03/01/2018 4:44 pm
Per their website, Titus Andronicus (AKA [email protected]) has been "specializing in punk solutions since 2005." The five-piece indie rock group, led by the hipster-chic, bearded singer/ lyricist/guitarist Patrick Stickles, started off in a low-key, Tristate garage band scene and slowly creeped into the national spotlight. By 2010, Rolling Stones had named them one of the seven best new bands of the year.

In typical punk rejection of "normcore" preferences, the band was named after one of Shakespeare's least-respected plays, the gory tale of a vengeful Roman army captain. However, their connection to the theatrical tradition runs deeper than just eponymous lip service. In July 2015, they released their fourth studio album, The Most Lamentable Tragedy, a staggering rock opera in five acts.

Their latest EP, A Productive Cough, drops tomorrow, Friday, March 2.  The band has a 31-stop acoustic album tour planned through North America, which kicks off this Friday, March 4 with an unplugged show at BSP Kingston.

The fact that the tour is acoustic speaks volumes about the album itself and the personal pivot the band has made. Whereas previous albums featured intense vocals, screaming, and frenetic guitar riffs, A Productive Cough is calmer and more focused. Definitely still punk rock, but with a gentler, more intentional twist.

Don't miss the [email protected] show at BSP Kingston this coming Wednesday, March 7.

Fun fact: The video for the album's single, "Number One (In New York)" was filmed in New Paltz, with the Shawangunk Ridge in the background.


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