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“You have to have your own fashion, your own flair,” she says. “When a person has that, you can see it all over their face. Fashion is the way they feel. It’s their comfort level.”

The shoes at Pegasus are comfortable and fashionable, and there is an enormous variety to choose from. Shopping here leaves customers light on their feet and ready to traipse over the hills of the Hudson Valley, looking at the views while looking good.

Shelley K.
Free to Be

Shelley King was a costume designer who wanted to create beautiful things that had longevity, so she began crafting jewelry, and opened her shop Shelley K. in Saugerties. The place is full of timeless, one-of-a-kind pieces that King hopes will help their future owners make memories. She says, “Whether something makes you feel sexy, fun, alive, or serious, putting on a piece of jewelry should be like greeting an old friend. Jewelry is a fashion that lasts longer than a season.”

In July of 2007, King had the opportunity to participate in a fashion show that was part of the HITS Horse Shows in the Sun, a series of equine competitions and fun recreational events. She accessorized every outfit flaunted on that Saugerties runway, showing everyone in attendance the power of jewelry to make clothing more special or more subtle; to make it entirely one’s own.

“It was a great exercise,” says King, “in helping people feel free to be who they are, especially here in this area. Because we don’t live in an urban environment that dictates style, people are free to express their own individuality. Every person knows what looks best on their body, and what’s in fashion isn’t necessarily what looks best. We don’t have to go with the trends.”

Casa Urbana A Most Colorful Getaway

David Iorio got a feel for Hudson Valley fashion shortly after he relocated from Manhattan to be with his partner Kenneth Jacobs. In broad daylight, he spotted a woman wearing a top from American Eagle Outfitters with a couture skirt. He knew he had left the city behind, and so had she.

“There’s a sense of being by the river and having the countryside,” Iorio says. “That outfit worked for that woman. It looked wonderful and comfortable. Everything here is a little less structured and more laid back.”

Yet Iorio and Jacobs knew that if area residents were not missing the stresses of city life, they were missing other, more pleasant elements. Jacobs had worked for years as a hair stylist in Westchester and Putnam County salons—discerning markets in which he had to prove that he was the best in order to satisfy his clientele. He had received extensive training in cutting and corrective coloring, and he wanted to open his own salon here in our valley. Both men believed that if they offered quality service and unique bath and beauty products, their customers would find themselves nestled in the lap of luxury along South Street in Hudson. In a time when traveling has become so dear, Iorio and Jacobs tender an easy escape with their modern apothecary and salon Casa Urbana.

Jewel Beyond Limitations
“I’ve never been into fashion in other places,” says Ronny Widener, co-owner of the clothing store Jewel in Woodstock.

Widener and her husband opened Jewel in 2006. It was a long time dream for this self-proclaimed former bureaucrat. She had always shopped at annual crafts shows for one-of-a-kind clothing and jewelry, and was constantly frustrated by the dearth of such items on the street. She vowed to one day open a store where clients could find such treasures any time of the year.

The Wideners traveled between SoHo and Woodstock for some time before hunkering down in the famously artsy upstate milieu. Jewel is their second ownership adventure—they operated Occasions on Rock City Road beforehand—and it is rich with stock. A West Coast designer provides items of hand-dyed and hand-painted silks; a Soho artisan contributes skirts, pants, and jackets in travelable fabrics, flattering for any figure; embroidered handbags are made by Vietnamese women whose village is handsomely rewarded for their fine, detailed work.

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