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This Way That



In yin yoga, we lie on our backs
legs up the wall, arms stretched out
Someone shouts "Get the backhoe for my tush!"
We laugh, shimmy closer, let go of doubts

Legs up the wall, arms stretched out
The teacher says, "Find your edge"
We wonder if this is too far out
"Hold release into the stretch"


The teacher says, "Find your edge."
dabs mint on our wrists
says, "Hold release into the stretch
Breathe in and trust"

I liftmywristssmellmintseeitgrowing everywhere

The teacher drops mint on our third eye
"Let go of loving the good, hating the evil
Press and push do not be attached
Breathe in and trust"


The teacher says, "Let go. Let go
of loving the good, hating the evil"
My legs slide down into fields of mint.
She says, press and push, do not be attached

My mind says Stretch stretch your arms out, Accept
I breathe in, let go Trust thiswaythat

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