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These Things You Did Not Ask of Me


To hurl myself out of the shower
sheathed in soap
and grab the phone call that might be you
but wasn’t

To say “maybe” to plans offered by others
holding the door open for you to come first
if you came at all

To have you always in the back of my mind, clamoring for attention,
or have my stomach turn inside out with fear you may be gone without a word
To not take another lover
like the darkly handsome poet who had just lost his cat
and could have found comfort in my arms

All these things and more you never asked of me, did you?

But you did ask me to want nothing, and give nothing

Except laugh at the lunatic pink temple moon
read the wise words of great mystics
walk silently along the lake in tandem with the wind
then lay me down on soft moss under pine boughs and breathe you in

You asked me not to call your house
because your estranged wife would make your home hours unbearable
and you simply could not have that

You asked me to not put my heart in your hands
you could not bear the burden
although of course by then it was too late

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