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The Wonderful World of Boning


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It seems like just yesterday we were in health class, learning encoded lessons about contraception, venereal diseases, and societal sexual repression, all the while furtively checking out our classmates and nervously dreaming about actually having sex. For those who didn't get enough of this in high school, there's "The Wonderful World of Boning," sex educator and funny lady Lux Alptraum's tour of classic sex education videos. Films include Seriously Fresh, which combines hip '90s fashion and lingo with lessons about HIV; What's Happening to Me?, an animated film about puberty that might just be racist; and You, Your Body, and Puberty, a guide to the weird experience of adolescence, and the even weirder experience of talking to your dad about boners. Lux Alptraum and comedian Tiara Francis will be your hosts on December 10 at 8pm at Upstate Films in Woodstock. (845) 679-6608;



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