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Through social media, I've been asking what the appropriate response to the Trump phenomenon is. I get a few "dig a bunker" kind of responses, but many people get that love is the only answer. There is an idea going around that the only sane way to address this problem is by being kind, helpful, and supportive.

Adiaha Ruane: While I foresee a new world where chaos and confusion reign because of the "deals" that will be made, I think it is important to remain positive. A tone which inquires about the probabilities of outcomes may be appropriate for your publication. You'll want to leave room for things to turn out differently.

Ann Elizabeth Byrne: I am trying to fight the urge to wish the next four years away. Each of us should not lose an hour of this precious life to fear. Instead, double down on leading with love to all and especially to ourselves.

Cheryl Wade: This is a perfect time to step into our individual sovereignty and accept that there is no "savior" to rescue us. We must each decide what kind of world we choose to live in and then maintain that reality every day and in every moment in the conscious choices that we make for ourselves and for humanity. We must stand up and defend those that are defenseless, stand for compassion and empathy for all beings, otherwise we will be victims of the potential hell on Earth that seems to be rising up from the darkest depths of the collective consciousness.

Marian McQuinn: This is intriguing. Looking back on the late `60s we see lots of protests but now we are so much more savvy and hopefully wiser. It is also so surreal. My feelings are that something dramatic may happen as we reach a tipping point of some kind. I am very aware that everyone on the planet can make a change in thought and deed where we are. Anything could happen!

Bardet Wardell: I call on US, you and me, to become more active in communicating with each other, with local, state, and national reps and figuring out what we personally get up each morning to do and feel in a day. I would say that the time we spend doing this "conversation" would take some time away from TV and other screen addictions. Thus the unconscious would be less accepting of violence, isolation, and judgment of the other. It is all in the conversation that we find meaning, connection, and some comfort. I went uptown in tears the other day. I met friends who cared and gave me conversation and eased my angst and completely turned my day around.

Len Wallick: Everybody wants to be understood. Not everybody seeks to understand. It's a common desire to hold others accountable. It is less common to be accountable. Nearly all of us could afford to be more understanding and accountable. I know I could.

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