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The Top Five Events of 2015



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The three separate events occur on February 22, September 1, and November 2. They happen in Aries, Leo, and Virgo, respectively. Venus and Mars stay pretty close to one another all year, so it's like one long event. Venus retrograde goes from July 25 through September 6. Venus starts its retrograde in Virgo and ends up in Leo.

Fifth EventJupiter square Saturn. This one has been brewing since last summer, when Jupiter arrived in Leo. Well, actually it's part of the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle, which last turned over in May 2000.

With Jupiter being in Leo and Saturn being in Scorpio, the two have been moving into a square (90-degree) alignment, which is exact once in 2015—on August 3. This will be the one time the alignment happens between fixed signs Leo and Scorpio. Two additional alignments in 2016 occur after Jupiter has moved on to Virgo and Saturn has moved on to Sagittarius, which are mutable signs.

This may be a motivating aspect. The Rev. Dr. Marc Edmund Jones (1888-1980), one of the pioneers of humanistic astrology, said this aspect represents the "last chance lifetime" when it appears in a natal chart. I've taken that to mean that the opportunities one has in that lifetime feel like the last chance one gets to do something one wants, or needs, to do.

Jones proposed that any contact between Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets, is significant, though this one seems like it could offer a push to increase the scale of your efforts or to take a bigger risk than you might ordinarily take.

The three exact contacts are August 3 (fixed), then, the following year, on March 23, 2016 (mutable), and May 26, 2016 (mutable). Bonus EventNew Horizons mission arrives at Pluto. Have you been waiting for this as long as I have? Pluto has been a big fuss for astronomers. After years of debate, it was "demoted" from being an official planet in 2006 and given minor planet number 134340.

Just in case you're wondering, minor planet 134341 is called 1979 MA. It's not even named. So Pluto really is considered a minor planet, which may tell us more about the minor planets than it does about Pluto.

Yet for all the bluster and controversy, we don't even have a good photo of Pluto to look at, ponder, and say, "What be this?" However, if all goes well, we will have many such photos as the New Horizons mission makes its closest pass to Pluto on July 14 after a nine-year journey—and I believe we will be amazed.

Note that this is not a planet and a moon; like many objects in the Kuiper Belt, it's a system (Pluto and Charon orbit a common point in space)—but one joined by numerous other satellites. We will soon see how many, and how stunning the view is. I am one of those astrologers who thinks this kind of scientific event counts for a lot. We will get a look at the edge, it will change everyone who sees it, and it will describe some new understanding that I will not predict, but eagerly await.

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