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Because both of these planets move so slowly, this will be a slow trail-off, and we may see many of the most positive or at least interesting expressions as the aspect begins to dissolve over the next few years. What might those be? 

Let's start with increased citizen and corporate involvement in the issues that confront the world. We all know what they are. We all know what time it is. Everyone has glanced at the problems many times, and even looked right at them once or twice. There is an agonizing cry for increased participation—for getting involved—rising up from the Earth. The issue seems to be a matter of taking things personally, of getting past the appealing idea that "the problems of the world are none of my business."

Perhaps that is true for some people. However, in that case, this aspect is for those for whom the problems of the world are indeed their business. Then there are those for whom global problems come home to roost, such as on their street or in their home. Believe me: It actually happens.

The separating Uranus-Pluto square may take some wind out of the sails of the reactionary movement, because I think they've really hitched their wagon to this one, just like the progressive movement did with Uranus conjunct Pluto in the Sixties.

Third EventChiron conjunct Borasisi. This involves two of the newer planets, one that most people have heard of but are unfamiliar with (Chiron), and another that you're probably reading about now for the first time. Chiron has been in Pisces since 2010 and will make its final exit in 2019. Borasisi moves even slower; it's further from the Sun than Pluto. It leaves Pisces in 2025.

Borasisi is about the power of belief, and its territory covers the sometimes subtle distinctions between truth and lies. (If science is about finding out the truth, then the truth is what exploded over Hiroshima, and what melted down at Fukushima.) Chiron, for its part, will lure, summon, or, if necessary, shock anyone or anything out of denial. Chiron is an advocate of the environment, of living creatures, and of the beauty of life—especially when in Pisces. 

Borasisi has another role: It seems to be involved in environmental issues, particularly ones fueled by denial. All in all I would say the dominant energy of this aspect is clearing the fog of denial, at least enough to see that there is something besides fog.

In addition to the physical environment, anything in Pisces has a strong influence over the mental environment. Like all environments, this one tends to disappear into the background. I think that Chiron-Borasisi will provide some events and developments that offer the opportunity to notice the mental environment and how important it is. 

This aspect, which last happened in Sagittarius in 1949, will be exact on three dates: March 21, October 14, and January 8, 2016. Note: As far as I can tell, dioxin was discovered in 1949, in the wake of a chemical disaster in Nitro, West Virginia.

Fourth Event: Three conjunctions of Venus and Mars. There will be three conjunctions of Venus and Mars. This sounds sexy. It's pretty rare, and if you tune into the energy, you can definitely tap into the passion. For three of these conjunctions to happen in a short time, there needs to be a Venus retrograde that occurs when Venus is nearly or exactly aligned with Mars.

The underlying theme here is competition between the sexes, and an emotional state of competition in general. This competition might be sexual, over money, over who has the flashiest toys, who is the most glamorous, and so on. In order for there to be balance in society (and in the universe), we need balance between the sexes, not a rat race or quest for superiority.

This series of events seems designed to demonstrate the futility of competition. Mars might dominate the discussion at first (due to two conjunctions in fire signs, which don't quite favor Venus), and one result might be a kind of feminist stridency. I would remind anyone interested that this does not lead to a state of balance. Rather, it can push things further out of balance.

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