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The Summer Glide

How the First World Spends its Summers


Last Updated: 07/11/2017 10:32 am

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Lipson finds the constant stream of input from our many technological devices creates overwhelm and disconnect. "The importance of mindfulness and spaciousness is that it can help with differentiation. 'I don't need to plug in now; I want to stretch or go for a walk instead.' When any of us are in a state of overwhelm, we're not going to make good choices." Adults model the engagement, happiness, and balance they want for their kids. Lipson says it can be really helpful to create symbolic gestures: a mantra on the ride home from the office; leaving work items in the car; changing out of work clothes when arriving at home. "How do you leave work at work?" she asks. The answer to that might even inform American attitudes around a child's ability to learn while at rest.

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