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The Security Project — Contact | Album Review



The Security Project
(7D Media, 2017)

Fans of Peter Gabriel's early progressive work may be stoked to unearth the cover band Security Project, which features drummer Jerry Marotta, who played on Gabriel's first three solo albums. Since 2012, the tribute act has spotlighted founders Marotta and guitarist Trey Gunn (King Crimson) as several male singers have had a crack at Gabriel's vocal essence. In 2016, along came indie frontwoman Happy Rhodes with her four-octave vocal range and tunes from her own catalogue and that of Kate Bush, to whom she is often compared. It works. On Contact, a dozen timeless Gabriel masterpieces are recreated live, from the subdued "Lead a Normal Life" and "San Jacinto" to the dark, tribal intensity of "Rhythm of the Heat" and "No Self Control" and the paranoid "Intruder." If only all cover bands utilized such unbridled, creative arrangements and consummate artistic integrity as this one, whose performance is tight and towering. .

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