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The Libra Equinox and Mars Square Neptune

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Last Updated: 09/17/2014 3:48 pm
  • Eric Francis Coppolino

Tuesday, September 23, the Sun enters Libra for the autumnal equinox: a turning point when night and day are of equal length. After Tuesday, the balance tips toward the days being shorter as autumn swings into gear.

This year, the urge to turn inward and conserve energy that typically marks this time of year may feel mitigated somewhat by Mars in Sagittarius. Mars entered Sagittarius September 13 and will be there until October 26.

Mars is the planet of drive and desire; Sagittarius is the sign of single-pointed focus. In every situation as Mars travels through Sagittarius, something will be influencing or modifying the nature of Mars, even as Mars wants to fly straight through the air to its destination.

Mars square Neptune is the first big aspect to watch. Exact September 21, it’s very much in effect now.

In fact, the orb of Neptune is so wide, usually it has taken effect before anyone knows it’s an influence. I suggest right now that you stick to what you’ve wanted for a while and not let any factor dissuade you from thinking that your desire is not valid. With Neptune you must remember how to swim rather than acting like you’re standing on solid ground.

Mars in a fire sign can ignite Neptune like a volatile gas, or it can have its power sapped by Neptune. Mars in Sagittarius is moving with some determination, so the key will be to remain on course and put honesty with yourself above all else.

Mars square Neptune can be deceptive in a self-destructive way. People who possess this aspect in their natal charts need to keep an eye on that quality, and take both Mars and Neptune to the level of real integrity. Since we’re all under its influence to some degree this weekend, this applies to everyone.

If you have any regrets, reach out and make amends. If someone is not interested, that is their choice. If you have been less than honest, reach out and be truthful. If you have transgressed boundaries, consider how that happened.

Don’t go all "kamikaze" this weekend (and into next week, as the fog burns off). But do try to stay clear on what you really want, and give yourself permission to go for it.

Plenty of people (and institutions) will try to convince you that you want something else; choose your allies carefully. You know: the ones who consistently support your goals and full self-expression, yet aren’t afraid to tell you when you’re about to go off half-cocked.

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