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Sunrise at the Parthenon, Athens.
  • Anthony Ayiomamitis
  • Sunrise at the Parthenon, Athens.

Just when you thought the astro-voltage could not go any higher, today we have a triple conjunction of Venus, Uranus and the Sun. This is a remarkably close triple conjunction, with the Sun and Uranus exact and Venus just one-tenth of a degree away.

Tuesday's Full Moon was truly a stunner—complete with fast movement, creative breakthroughs, irrational behavior and arguments on California's Proposition 8 presented before the Supreme Court. The Hudson Valley is one of the cradles of same-sex marriage (that was New Paltz in 2004), so I am sure there are plenty watching this case. The astrology—a Full Moon in Libra, the sign of both relationships and justice—was picture perfect. I cover that in some detail in the new Planet Waves FM.

Now just two days later, we have a purely solar event—the Sun closely aligned with Venus, an emotional planet, and Uranus, a revolutionary one. In Aries, this says something like, "An uprising in my sense of who I am, which influences all my relationships and ideas about love." It's nearly impossible to relate to others in a stable way without some sense of self-presence, self-love and actual energy coming from inside of you. And we have plenty of that now.

Mars is still closely square Pluto (a little more than a degree on Thursday) so there is some pent-up energy under the surface—most of us have been doing a lot of holding back in recent years, and we have a lot to express and let go of. I suggest you go for the slow burn, but that would include steady and it would include hot.

Jupiter is also in a square to Chiron—this is a rare aspect (every six years) and it's about a sense of justice, taking action, and being provoked to put your knowledge to use. Consider all the people who spent the last decades of the 20th century going to workshops and seminars, reading self-help books and otherwise reaching for perfection.

Why did you do all of that? This is your moment. But it's a sexy moment. This is not merely dull political activism I'm talking about. It's a kind of whole-body, full-spectrum sense of involvement with existence. The sky is not describing purity, it's describing a holistic state of involvement, plunging into your life.

We don't realize how cautious we are, how caught in our structures, our preconceptions and our ideas about supposed safety. It's time to find out where our boundaries are, and ask whether they serve us.

One beautiful attribute of the astrology of our era is that no matter how hot, fast and bold it gets, we have two factors in Pisces, maintaining a sense of emotional orientation and spiritual grounding. Those are Chiron and Neptune, which are long-term visitors. They represent essential factors: the need to use your imagination, to cultivate a direct connection to spirit instead of an abstract one, and to remember that your inner life is as meaningful as any other aspect of your life.

You could say that this time in history is about maintaining contact between the inner and the outer: taking some responsibility for what we perceive and how we feel, even in the kaleidoscopic rush of existence.

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