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The Astrology of 2010


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Pisces (February 19-March 20)
For years, you’ve worked to set yourself free from something: perhaps from the lies that you believed; from your sense of being trapped or isolated; from a world that does not appreciate how subtle and beautiful life is. Though that setting-free process is not over, you’ve made progress—far more than you recognize. I suggest you sum up what you’ve learned in the simplest possible terms. For example, it is easier to come up with an innovative solution to a problem than it is to go back and “fix” the past. Remember that one; it will be useful.
Another thing I trust you’ve observed is that it pays to be direct. People have a hard time fathoming what you’re thinking, even though it seems clear to you. You can afford to be even more transparent, including with yourself. In fact, you can afford and will thrive on radical honesty: about who you are, what you value, and your vision for your life. Everyone will benefit; many of the things you understand easily are difficult for others to grasp, or to even admit the existence of; yet much depends on your ability to make yourself understood.
Transparency involves letting go of any attachment to your image. It’s necessary to match your outer appearance with the actual person you are, especially with your friends and partners. This seemingly daring move will liberate your energy, and help you feel safer on the planet—and this, you know, is a real challenge for you. You’re finally getting a handle on your fears. In this time when everything in your life is poised to become larger, more successful, and more visible, processing fear at the point of origin is far easier than facing it in magnified form.

Here is something you can count on as you take your next bold steps. In your relationships, trust is more important than love, and both are more important than sex. Trust is the most challenging aspect of any human equation, and a tragically scarce commodity in the world. You’re personally working to break the tradition of broken trust. You’re on the hunt for many other dysfunctional traditions, yet what matters more are the innovations you create for yourself and offer to those around you. One of them involves self worth. On this theme, you’re on the verge of your greatest breakthrough, akin to any of the brilliant inventions that have changed the world— only this is your world.

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