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Dennis Hopper: The American Dreamer


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Still of Dennis Hopper in The American Dreamer
  • Still of Dennis Hopper in The American Dreamer

Dennis Hopper is a legendary American actor, filmmaker, photographer, artist and icon whose most successful piece of work was the 1969 Academy-Award nominated movie Easy Rider. In 1971 Hopper attempted to create a follow up to the film, titled The Last Movie. Unfortunately, the piece was not well received by fans or critics as they did not understand the non-linear narrative and the absurd stylistic elements. Original footage from the making of the movie has been recently discovered forming the documentary The American Dreamer, which follows Hopper as he creates his failed project. This 1971 documentary will open in Beacon at The Beacon Film Society on March 8 followed by a Q & A with director Lawrence Schiller.


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