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That's Not Tofurky: Sagittarius New Moon


Bonfire on the Grandmother Land in High Falls. - ERIC FRANCIS COPPOLINO
  • Eric Francis Coppolino
  • Bonfire on the Grandmother Land in High Falls.

The Sun is now in Sagittarius, heading for two of the most potent deep-space points in the sky—the Great Attractor and the Galactic Core.

In Northern Hemisphere summertime, you can see the galaxy make its streak across the night sky—during the summer, we face inward toward the Galactic Core. In the winter, the night sky has its back to the Galactic Core. Part of the chilly, isolated feeling of this season is that we face outward into intergalactic space at night.

There's another deep-space point, one located many thousands of light years beyond our galaxy, called the Great Attractor. That is in mid-Sagittarius. These two points give Sagittarius most of its flavor: emphasis on the spiritual, on the exotic, on the unknown, on long-distance travel and for individuals, the sensation of needing a lot of space around them.

Monday's Sagittarius New Moon is close to the Great Attractor (it's just four degrees away). The sensation of planets within range of the Great Attractor is polarization. Viewpoints can seem to differ wildly; both can seem right, or are arguably right. People with planets conjunct or in other strong aspects to the GA can have a polarizing effect on others. (That might be you if you're born in mid Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, or have one of those signs rising.)

People can have unusually strong feelings about them and not understand why (and I do mean unusually strong). They may seem to walk around with a storm of controversy surrounding them—which often can be meaningless and serve no practical purpose. Therefore, if you find yourself in controversies, any time from now into early next week (when the New Moon happens) and into midweek, I suggest you not feed them. Just stand back and trust that you cannot be harmed by the opinions of others.

The Sagittarius New Moon has two points around it that may clarify the issue. It's square Pallas in Virgo, and Chiron in Pisces. Both of these minor planets are about focusing the mind. They are doing this from different points of view.

Pallas in Virgo is calling for focus on the most precise details (supported by Mars in Virgo). These Virgo placements are asking for careful planning and making sure that your data is correct. Use power tools with full consciousness; make sure you know what you're doing.

Chiron in Pisces is a reminder to distill the "big picture" into a meaningful presentation—one way to look at that is spiritual ideas focused into a practical approach to life. The information comes not from the data (as in Virgo) but from a cosmic source, something a bit beyond the world, though for that to work, there must be action points.

Then the data side of the equation and the cosmic side of the equation need to be integrated. That may be tricky with the Great Attractor pointing out all the seeming differences, though the differences will be less meaningful (or more useful) as time goes on.

Have a great holiday.

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