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Tequila Shot



(For Andrew)

The bartender wants me to do
a tequila shot to celebrate
my retirement, but I decline, not
wanting to be hung over on my first day

of retirement, or worse, to be arrested
on the way home for drunken driving
and have to start my new life in a
deep, deep hole. I decline, not once, but

several times as the bartender persists,
finally insisting that if I'm not going to do
a tequila shot, I should write a poem called
Tequila Shot. So here it is, and given

I've never tasted tequila in my life,
I'm not sure what this should taste like
either. How about a hint of humor: after my
favorite chef prepared a dish that included a glaze

made with tequila, I suggested he should include
mockingbird on his menu, prepared with the same
special glaze. I can see it on the blackboard in big,
bold letters: Tequila Mockingbird. Hell, I'll drink to that.

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