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For June 2011


Last Updated: 02/27/2019 4:21 pm
This month something rare and beautiful happens: Jupiter enters your birth sign, where it will remain continuously for more than a year. While Jupiter sometimes has issues of raising image over substance, this is not true in Taurus. As you know, a year is short. You are not usually so keen on making changes to the way you live. Yet Jupiter is inviting you to expand, to make improvements, and to enter a direct relationship with this elusive thing known as fortune. Were there ever a time to begin thinking in abundance consciousness, that would be now. Begin that by counting your blessings. You have many that you don’t usually consider: Yes, start with the dry roof and the sandwich in your hand, but quickly move on from there to subtler points like your intelligence, your curiosity and your gift for language. Of all the resources you have, your ability to express yourself is one of the most significant. And for as persistent as you are at sticking to one way of doing things, you can, at a moment’s notice, go into flexible mode, and adopt an alternative point of view—one you had in your vest all along. I suggest you beware of the fear that you will be seen as inconsistent for changing your opinion. This is not a matter of your public image—which by the way is doing just fine. This is a matter of maximizing your happiness.

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