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For April 2011


Last Updated: 01/04/2019 6:12 am
Taurus (April 19-May 20)
You’re coming under a significant bit of psychic pressure, which you may just be feeling as a sense of being pushed, overwhelmed, or confused. The astrology says this whole situation is brewing from the inside out; your psychic state, which may involve a good bit of fear and sense that you’re carrying a lot of baggage, is manifesting as disturbances in the world around you. But you may not be able to parachute directly into all of that. It may be easier to use the external world as a frame of reference for what issues, themes or circumstances to address. Your circumstances present a useful map, and as you give attention to what is calling for healing or evoking fear, you will be able to follow those situations into what I will call root ideas that will help you get an understanding of yourself. One thing you can study is the nature of fear. Note that you may be prone to spikes of anxiety or even panic attacks over the next few weeks. They may seem to have “no cause” or you may attach them to certain individuals in your life. Be mindful about noticing what you project onto whom (i.e., assuming someone dislikes you or is untrustworthy)—and then notice what the truth turns out to be. Then go deeper and figure out why you perceived what you did in the first place. There is a reason, and you can work it out.

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