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For July 2012



Taurus (April 19-May 20)
Self-esteem is the core issue for you now, though culturally we have so many problems with this topic that it’s like trying to describe air. By all rights, you should be feeling great about yourself these days, though inside that feeling there appears to be a deeper question. It might help to think in terms of “as if.” Faced with any decision or circumstance, how would you respond if you valued yourself more? By that, I don’t mean responding to your fear—I mean your actual affirmative value on yourself, which extends into your environment and your community, since you’re so deeply dependent on your surroundings for your happiness. Your charts suggest there’s something you may be struggling to let go of, and to the extent you’re stressed at all, consider this. When self-worth is compromised, people tend to compensate other ways. Some do this by getting rich or famous. Some exert their power over others, or by fostering an obsession with physical strength. Some substitute the need for public adulation as a substitute for being loved by their parents. I suggest that you be vigilant about when any form of behavior is designed to make up for a perceived loss or lack. If you pay attention you will notice when this is happening, and you may also get the hint that it won’t work. No substitute for authentic self-value will ever work. So forget the substitutes and go for the real thing. It’s right within reach, and you’ll know it when you feel it.

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