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For February 2011


Last Updated: 09/26/2018 7:34 am

TAURUS (April 19-May 20)

This may be one of the most unusual months in your career for many moons. It's not merely that so much is happening; it's that one especially long-term struggle is making an exit from your life. Or it is if you want it to. It is, if you are willing to let it happen. It's easy for you to get caught in the traumas and dramas of the past, not quite recognizing when they're over. Now is an excellent occasion to develop that skill. You have the option to boldly recognize that something you don't need and don't want is over; that something involves a lack of confidence in yourself. You don't merely "lose your lack of confidence"; the next step is living with the direct experience of the confidence that was previously lacking. This feeling, experienced from the inside out, is not going to solve all your riddles; that involves choosing from among the many options this world presents. But you would be wise to choose on the basis of who you are, not what you thought you were. The way forward is to make decisions based on the present. In the present you will see specific ways that the world has an opening for just the person you are, with just the gifts you have to offer. In offering them, you will reaffirm that you have them; you will get to participate in a whole new kind of direct exchange. This is not about "I can"; it's about "I am."

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