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Taurus | Hudson Valley Horoscope August 2018


Has a gnawing fear of instability been eating you since Uranus entered your home sign of Taurus in mid-May? Fixed Earth Taurus does not like the status quo disrupted unless it benefits him personally. The proverbial boat will be rocked, but at least you have a chance to patch the holes you didn’t know were leaking. Uranus begins his retrograde in Taurus on August 7, returning to the last degrees of Aries by early January 2019 before stationing Direct again, returning to Taurus by early next March. You’ll cultivate faith and patience for the long haul. Great news: You get a do-over! Beginning on the last Quarter Moon in Taurus on August 4, you can rethink, reassess, and renegotiate all the decisions you’ve made since mid-March 2018. Your ruling planet Venus enters co-ruled Libra on August 6, supporting your diplomatic efforts, especially in the realm of partnerships involving shared resources.

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