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Taurus Horoscope for December 2017



TAURUS (April 19-May 20)

Your need to understand and fully embody your relationships is at a peak. I can see this from planets gathering in your opposite sign Scorpio, which is one place to gather such information (for Taurus). You’re in a position to benefit from your encounters with others; there would seem to be plenty of mutual desire in your environment; there may be more than one relationship or suitor that has your attention. And the presence of Vesta, an unusual, meaningful asteroid, is saying: nothing is quite normal, as if events and your relationship plane exist on different levels of reality. The question of service is essential: how you and partners serve one another, and more significantly, how you serve something larger. Your relationships are not romances. They are experiences that call for grounding in purpose, which means going beyond fulfillment, fun times and self-improvement. Those are a basic foundation, on the level of rest and good food. You are beginning to rise above your foundations when your encounters with others are devoted to a greater purpose. That might mean working to provide a resource, a place of refuge, or a reservoir of wisdom and meaning—whether for your immediate community of friends or the wider world. Wisdom and meaning are the kinds of things people tend to run from. You take your life more seriously than that.

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