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Taurus for June 2016

Taurus (April 19-May 20)



You are rapidly moving into a space where you can connect your deepest inner truth to some form of creative expression. Consider that this is what many people reach for their entire lives. Others long wistfully for the meekest feeling of creative satisfaction. You can now be among the fortunate few who connect their soul's growth to a mode of actual material expression. There's a kind of Zen koan presented in your charts: remember how easy this is; remember how challenging it is. The ease is a description of how what you're seeking is right within reach. You can accomplish it using skills you already possess. The difficulty is in continually coaxing yourself to respond to a calling or an idea that may seem elusive. You are not following a prescribed plan. You are not driving toward a destination. Creativity is like a river that runs through you. Your main job is to either get out of the way of the flow, or dive in and float along, and see where you end up. To borrow a phrase, you're seeking process, not product. Think of the thing you make as a side benefit of an experience, rather than the goal. Gardeners understand this: you're relating to the plants, you're communing with their divas; you are tending to something older and larger than yourself. And in that journey, many beautiful things grow, emerge, and appear.

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