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Taurus for February 2015



You're getting a chance to experience what it's like to be driven by a purpose you are fully confident in. When that happens, there is a certain ease involved because you don't have to think much about what to do, or why. There is often conflict involved in the need to consciously prioritize, and if you ease into this experience you can take a ride on the sensation of when what you have to do is so obvious, there is no question about it. Though some of this is driven by an idea or a task, really a deeply compelling factor is how you feel by certain people you're surrounded by. You have one of the most palpable, distinct experiences of connection going for you right now. This is connection that has a purpose extant on many levels, though the deepest level is the human bond that, for whatever reason, exists on a truly deep level. I would point out one thing, that for most people, it's a rare experience to experience a social bond that embraces love, purpose, and a sense of mission. I think that once you tune into this reality, you will never want anything less. And since it's something that you ultimately contain as a capability within yourself, you have no need to have anything less—and you may discover that a great deal more is possible.

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