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Sun in Gemini: Observe Yourself


Last Updated: 05/21/2014 4:36 pm
  • Eric Francis Coppolino

The Sun is now in Gemini, the last sign of spring, having left Taurus on Tuesday. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and the first mutable sign.

It’s also an air sign, and the combination of air + mutable creates the very essence of changeability, adaptability and a multifaceted quality that is represented metaphorically as “the twins.” We must wait 60 days into the astrological year until we see the image of a person. When we do, it’s two people, and they are children.

That they are young makes sense; we’re at the beginning of the zodiac. But why two? Traditional occultism would say it’s a comment on dualism, or how everything in our reality presents itself in the context of its opposite. Greek and Roman mythology says that the twins represent Castor and Pollux — the mortal son and the immortal one, respectively.

I would propose that the first human image or concept in the zodiac is presented in a pair because it represents self-awareness. It is the human consciousness aware of itself as the other.

If you talk to yourself, who is doing the talking and who is doing the listening? When you have the feeling of observing yourself, who exactly is doing that observing, if it’s you? There is a quality of reflexivity to the human mind, and that is Gemini.

As for the Gemini Sun, it is currently making a series of aspects, the first being a square to asteroid Pallas in Virgo. Be aware of who you try to mold your thinking to, just to get ahead or impress them.

Also in the first degree of Virgo is asteroid Atropos, signifying a radical change in your point of view, one that may mystify you.

Because the Sun will square centaur Nessus, I suggest you ask yourself what sense of past transgression you’re adapting to, responding to, reliving or trying to prevent. Adaptation in this style is not healing; you have the option to go to the core of the matter.

As the week develops, the Sun’s alignment advances toward a centaur called Asbolus, which I think of as being the survivor. Asbolus, whose name translates to “carbon dust,” is the symbol of what all life has in common, which is the need to survive. I suggest you take that much, at least, for granted — that you can survive — and set a higher goal.

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