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Stephen Shore's Photography Retrospective at MoMA Through May 28

Bard College professor and photography director exhibits at MoMa



Photographer Stephen Shore's work ranges from color photography of his lunch to black and white photos of Andy Warhol. The Bard College photography program director has said he wants to take "pictures that felt as natural as speaking." This instinct shapes his photos of mundane, daily activities and candid portraits. In a photo of Warhol, the legendary pop artist sits at a table in a Chinatown restaurant. He's just out of focus, blending in with the rest of the patrons in the place. Shore's photo of former New York Yankees third baseman Graig Nettles retains this casualness—though Nettles is front-and-center and there are no other people around. He is the subject, and yet, he is not overpowering. There is a relaxed softness to the photo, with the shadows of the batting cage and a good amount of space around the unsuspecting baseball player. Shore pushes against the photographic convention of placing the subject off center. After all, when we look at something, we see it head on, and Shore's main goal is to make photos that feel natural—like seeing something in your own field of vision. Throughout his career spanning five decades, Shore has evolved from using cheap automatic cameras and large-format cameras to exploring digital photography and social media. He pioneered color photography in the 1970s before returning to black and white in the `90s. Work from Shore's entire career is currently on exhibition through May 28 at the Museum of Modern Art in a retrospective titled "Stephen Shore."

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