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For a successful detox, Francescott adds, preparation is key. He gives individual clients a shopping list heavy on vegetables and fruits, as well as recipes for smoothies, soups, and other staples to gather before day one. Once the cleanse is under way, it's a good idea to have support and guidance through a group, retreat, or holistic health-care provider. Highly customizable, a cleanse can mean different things to different people depending on their starting point. "Cleansing doesn't have to be severe, stressful, or challenging," says Francescott. "It can be as simple as drinking more water and less coffee. You can do an easy, natural detox."

Toxins, Be Gone
Since we can't exactly measure the contaminant levels in our bodies without complex lab tests, how can we know that we've reduced them? Cleansing is successful, says Thing, when we notice that we have more energy, joy, and flow. When there's less blockage in our system we have better digestion, easier breathing, and less brain fog, among other benchmarks. "Across the board, there's nobody who engages in this who doesn't feel lighter and more energetic, and who doesn't lose weight if that's what they need," says Thing. "As human beings we're meant to conduct vitality and have energy all the time. We're naturally joyful and creative, and we're able to heal. Ultimately, we want to be in charge of our bodies and not have to rely on doctors or even alternative people to tell us what's best. Health, to me, in a word, is freedom."

Tom Francescott, ND (845) 876-5556
Hillary Thing, LAC (845) 626-1228

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