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Snyder's Hill in Saugerties: Sleigh-Riding with a View


Last Updated: 08/29/2022 1:25 pm

The view from up top: Snyders Hill at Snyders Farm

There was a giddy feeling at Snyder's Hill off Route 212 on Sunday. I think a snow storm makes people happy around here, at least after they are done shoveling the snow. There were about a dozen families with young kids taking advantage of the ideal sledding conditions. It's a steep walk up the hill, and since I hadn't been sleigh riding in two years, I was kind of scared. But then I thought, if all these 5-year-olds can do it, so can I! So, off I went. It was a bumpy and fast ride down, and I only did it once, but it was fun.

One man saw a kid trying to surf down the hill on his sleigh, only to wipe out. A man with a new snow scooter saw him and said if his Dad was okay with it, he could borrow his snow scooter. The kid was ecstatic, riding the scooter all the way down the hill with no problem. Both set of parents were beaming! Snyder's Hill is on Route 212, between Woodstock and Saugerties. Be careful parking on the side of the road and getting everyone out of the car.

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