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Last Updated: 08/13/2013 3:36 pm

Two thousand eight is a year of an unusual transition: Pluto will begin its move from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Pluto is one of those bottom line planets. It sets the theme for the rest of what we experience, spreading out so wide that it colors the entire landscape existence. With Pluto in Sagittarius between 1995 and 2007, we had many opportunities to focus our vision, and we may have done so with obsessive intensity. It may have been what some call a spiritual vision, of growth, enlightenment, or a better world. Indeed, the Pluto in Sagittarius phase was a time of all things global, from world-beat music to international cuisine restaurants; from “free” trade agreements to the antiglobalization movements and the fair trade movement; and finally, the global war on terror. Anyone with the power to do so kept making the pile higher. Capricorn is a more practical sign, the sign of structuring physical reality. Where Sagittarius meets Capricorn is the place where we begin the process of converting our ideals into tangible creations. This bodes many different directions, because, among other things, Capricorn is the sign of corporations, and for the past decade we have seen multinational firms put out a vision for what a fabulous place the world would be if they owned the whole place, down to the last little clam at the bottom of the deepest sea. On an individual level, we need to take the visions we have held for ourselves personally, and for the world, and put them into action. We may feel that the world is an illusion and/or is not really subject to change—but Pluto takes no arguments. This power that is about to be turned loose on the known cosmos basically has no moral predisposition. It does the job we give it, yet to give it any job at all, we must take an actual risk, and dare to bear full responsibility for our choices. In this edition of Planet Waves, I will look at the meaning of Pluto and Capricorn, and many other factors, for each of the 12 signs. Longer editions are on in a special edition called Small World Stories.

Aries (March 20-April 19)

Recently, it seems you had the truth handed to you. What did you do with it? Do you still have it? While many on this planet complain that the truth is not knowable or is a kind of fictional philosophical concept and not a provable reality, the problem involves how we respond once we encounter it. This peculiar function of the mind, known as denial, makes sure that we are usually out of contact with our most vital knowledge. You can afford no such luxury at this point. The reason for this is that you are gathering too much power to cut yourself off from your personal truth, or any other truth. Much of the past decade has taken you on a prolonged journey where you have seen many strange things, encountered a world bigger than you ever imagined, and endured several difficult tests of your mettle. You have wrestled with your conscience (and, likely, that of someone else). At times, you have prevailed in these tests of integrity and at other times, events have seemed to crush your preconceived ideas. You are now in a well-deserved phase of reconsidering what you have been through, and the decisions you make through the winter will be absolutely essential in determining your life path for an entire long phase of your life. So, tell me, now that you know this, can you afford to play any games with what you know? I don’t think so, particularly not since all the forces of the universe are conspiring to focus your power. The whole problem with power in this world is that it does not care much for the difference between right and wrong. Most people in a position to conduct themselves this way—and to some extent, that includes anyone privileged enough to be reading this horoscope—have granted themselves an exemption from karma. You have no such luxury now, and neither do you want it. You have responsibilities that are much more worthwhile.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
You may not see it now, but your current priority is on survival, when what you need to be doing is experimenting with defining yourself openly—very openly. There is no viable meeting between exploring your identity and creative expression in the community, and concealing yourself or struggling to survive. Curiosity is not possible in a state of desperation or of hiding—and while you may or may not feel desperate, you have an exaggerated sense of what is happening to you and what can go wrong. This is little more than fear of the unknown, except what is supposedly so unknown is something about you, and that is a kind of paradox. Can you really not know something about yourself? Well, you can think it’s possible, and if so, you can set up a smoke screen between you and your self-awareness. Yet even given that basic factor, you have at least two choices: Delve in bravely and with a sense of exploring (which means, yourself and the world), or pull away and hide inside your shell. You may ask what “the world” has to do with this, but if astrology means anything, your process of self-definition is intimately mingled with the society you inhabit; with the people you share creative energy amongst; with your mission in life, as you define it; and most of all, with the patterns that dominate your life. To get anywhere, you need to define those patterns yourself, and to do that, you need to witness the current ones for what they are. One of your greatest liabilities is that you are a creature of habit. If you are going to develop one dependable fixed pattern, let it be that of constantly changing your fixed patterns. That you did something a certain way yesterday is no reason to do it that way today. Face it: today is a lot more interesting than yesterday was, and tomorrow holds potential you can barely dream of now, but would do well to dare.

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